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To increase craft producers knowledge in both regions about the other country’s handicrafts, best practices, hand-made articles, etc and open opportunities to create links and partnerships..
Welcome to TRAF project
The project "Traditions with a Future" will contribute to a better understanding and presentation of the traditional crafts and preserve them as a cultural heritage. It is funded by Bulgaria - Turkey IPA Cross-border Programme through the IPA Fund and co-financed by Bulgaria and Turkey through contributions from state budgets. The implementation of the project activities will create a favorable environment for long-term cooperation in the craft sector throughout the entire cross-border region which will provide new opportunities for future joint initiatives. The project strategy is to provide targeted support through increased knowledge of the craftsmen about tradition in the production of the handicraft products, acquisition of market skills and knowledge about the European practices associated with this field.
Photo archive
Travel through the Time
From 10 to 15 February in the town Ipasala Turkey held the planned project "Tradition with a Future" crafts exhibition. Bulgarian group was presented by 12 artisans from the city Straldzha that showed over 200 different handmade goods.
Exchange visit at Straldzha
From 2 to 5 December BIC Straldzha hosted organized the project "Tradition with a Future" exchange visit artisans in Turkey. In the days of the visit more than 20 Bulgarian craftsmen had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and products.
Exchange visit at Ipsala
The main purpose of the exchange visit is to give the artisans the opportunity to get to know different handicrafts presented by their Turkish colleagues. They will discover materials and techniques which aren’t widespread or even unknown in ...
News and events
Workshop for craftsmen
In execution of the cross-border project “Traditions with a Future” a 4-day workshop on “Planning for the institutional development of the crafts Association “Tradition Straldzha” is organized from the Information ...

United craftsmen
More than 20 craftsmen from municipality Straldzha established his own non-profit organization "Tradition Straldzha" which mission is to revive the Bulgarian crafts, tracing of natural talents, creating good work and ...

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